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One of the most valuable things to us was that PCT contributed clinical product to three different clinical trials we performed over the last few years. They were very consistent with respect to quality and there was a good working relationship... In working with PCT, the word that comes to my mind is “flexible”... With respect to client service, accessibility to all the relevant PCT personnel was key for us... We had access to the people we needed to make our program successful and PCT was very good at responding to our needs or to improvements we could make to both the facilities and personnel to meet timelines.

Sangamo Biosciences

PCT was a pleasure to work with. For our particular project, they exhibited a high level of expertise required for our cell expansion project. They worked iteratively with us to ensure that they met our expectations along the way, and the end-result was an excellent study. Both interim reports and final reports were transmitted to us in a very timely fashion, and were characterized by an extreme attention to detail. Moreover, PCT exhibited flexibility and adaptability in accommodating short-notice process change requests, as well as rapidly rescheduling experimental runs when we were unable to provide key reagents/ components according to a predetermined schedule. We found that working with PCT saved us both time and money, yielded a high quality study, and we would highly recommend their services to others.

Referral from Director, Clinical Business Development for a multinational company.

These are exciting times and we are so fortunate to have partnered with such a fine organization.

Note from Client Vice-President

We are very grateful for the outstanding work you and PCT did for us. The 12 batches of high quality dendritic cells gave us a one year head start on our clinical study. Thanks again for all your help!

Note to one of PCT’s laboratory project managers from a Client’s clinical investigator with a Phase I trial

...what a week we’ve had. Your team has done a superb job to juggle all the activities and events associated with [the company]’s processing. Their efforts are tremendously appreciated and have been recognized by top management at [my company]... Thank you and your team for the continued support of [the company]’s clinical programs.

Email to PCT from Client’s program manager for its lead product currently in phase III clinical trial.

We filed our first IND yesterday... If all goes well (knock on wood everybody) we will open the Phase 1/2a clinical trial in 30 days. Many thanks for being part of the team that made this possible.

Note from Client Vice-President Research & Development.

We had an aphaeresis product stuck in transit and for a myriad of errors not arrive till 5pm at PCT (4 hours past the 24hr window). We decided to process it under deviation. A big ask of the team to stay late and do this, but they stepped up. The PCT staff gave up their Friday night and stayed to undertake a 5-6 hour process to get this sample in culture which reflects the staff’s commitment to (Client) and our project. We really do have a good team around us all!

Senior VP (Client) Program

Our mindset and tagline, Manufacturing Transformation, embodies both our commitment to help customers achieve and efficiently deliver life-changing, cell-based therapeutics and to transform cell therapy manufacturing to optimize and enable the future-state. 


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