Brian Hampson, ME

Vice President, Global Manufacturing Sciences and Technology

Brian Hampson, Leadership Team

Brian Hampson is Vice President, Global Manufacturing Sciences and Technology, tasked with leading PCT’s newly created Innovation and Engineering department (I&E). I&E was created to help PCT’s Clients think beyond current practices and to develop long-term solutions to the unique challenges faced by the manufacturers of cell therapy products. PCT’s I&E solutions accelerate the use of automation, integration, closed processing and other strategies to address the important issues of scale up, cost of goods, quality control and robustness of our Client’s manufacturing processes in anticipation of commercial success.

Brian has focused his career primarily on the development of first generation products and related manufacturing processes for the medical and biotechnology markets. He brings an extensive background and broad knowledge of many technical disciplines, including control systems, process automation, software, fluid systems, cell culture processes, aseptic/closed-system processing, and single-use disposable systems.

Prior to joining PCT, Brian worked for two decades with Aastrom Biosciences in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he held several positions, most recently as Senior Engineering Fellow, an executive level engineering position tasked with providing strategic technical leadership to cell therapy manufacturing technology. He had previously held the positions at Aastrom of Vice President, Product Development; Senior Director, Product Engineering; and Director, Instrumentation Development. Brian is a thought leader in the application of engineering principles and innovation for the needs of bioreactor systems and the manufacture of cell therapy products, and he was the chief architect for the pioneering patient-specific automation efforts which resulted in the Aastrom Replicell System (ARS).

Brian holds a Master of Engineering, Electrical, and a Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

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