Below are a few case studies to give you real-life examples of what we do best.* Click on the study titles below for each of the full case studies in PDF.


Case Study 2017 Residuals Clearance

Residuals Clearance Detection Case Study

The client did not have the internal expertise or equipment to define, develop and qualify suitable assay test methods.


Reduction in Cost of Goods and Geographic Coverage Case Study

Reduction in Cost of Goods and Geographic Coverage Case Study

The client approached PCT for a cost-effective and high-quality solution to its manufacturing needs for its vaccine portfolio, including east coast clinical manufacturing capabilities and assistance in transitioning to its own commercial manufacturing plant in preparation for commercial launch. 


Case Study 2017 Innovative Product Design

Innovative Product Design Mechanism and Packaging Case Study

The client's cell therapy products that needed to be processed by PCT and returned to clinical site within a tight timeframe required a protective shipping case that protects the products from possible rough handling situations in transit under varying conditions.



Infrastructure Case Study

The client identified an imminent requirement for new controlled environment room (CER) space and cGMP infrastructure for cell isolation and cell culture expansion of stem cells to create production cell banks and manufacture allogeneic stem cell products for upcoming clinical trials. 


Case Study 2017 Quality Systems

Quality Systems Case Study

Client considered accreditation by an international, government sponsored organization to be an urgent mission critical business objective. However, in a voluntary audit, Client was denied accreditation due to non-compliance with required cGMPs. 


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*At PCT, we place paramount importance on the protection of our clients' confidentiality and proprietary information, and therefore we only release certain limited statements about our past and current client relationships and their related projects.