Bloomberg Law Article: Breakthrough Cancer Therapy Stalls in Manufacturing Bottleneck

PCT Team | February 21, 2019

In a recent Bloomberg Law article, Robert Preti, PhD, discusses how manufacturing bottlenecks are holding up cancer treatments from going to market. There has been a lot of success in the labs with these CAR-T therapies which is creating a challenge as the try to scale up and move to commercialization. Since the way CAR-T cell therapies are made varies, any change in the manufacturing process runs the risk of changing the final cell therapy product. Preti said,

“We can’t fully explain whether we’ve made that change or not because we don’t fully understand how the cell is doing what it’s doing. And that’s created a bit of a challenge for us.”

However, Preti is optimistic that these challenges can and will be resolved. HCATS is working to develop a manufacturing platform that will make CAR-T manufacturing easier to scale. He added,

“That will be sustainable at a very high quality. And the cost of goods will come down at the same time because you’ll be able to scale.”

Click the link below to learn more about the advancement of CAR-T cell therapies, the companies that are counting on these cutting edge treatments, and the manufacturing bottlenecks that are keeping these treatments from going to market.

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