Quality Commitment Announcement by Robert Preti, PhD

Robert A. Preti, PhD, General Manager, Strategy Office, Hitachi Chemical Life Sciences | November 13, 2019

It is with great pride that I share with you the quality commitment I have made and announced to our employees.

In everything we do, we must continually be reminded that all of us at the Regenerative Medicine Business Sector at Hitachi Chemical Corporation, both individually and collectively, are united by our drive to realize a global vision in which transformative therapeutics are accessible to all patients in need. To this end, as we work to be the Employer of Choice for our employees, Partner of Choice to the industry, and Provider of Choice to our customers as they develop these advanced therapeutics, we own the quality of our operations. This includes both the products we manufacture and the nature of our interactions with each other, our clients and prospective clients, regulatory authorities, the public and the patients we serve. This awesome responsibility challenges us to consistently, reliably and with the highest integrity, improve the way we dispatch our daily activities, from the most mundane to the most profound and from those performed in private to those in public view.
A critical underpinning of end to end quality operations is this spirit of continuous improvement, which requires us at all levels of the organization to challenge ourselves to raise the bar for what we can achieve together as well as to openly admit and address where we have fallen short in the support of our clients and the patients that receive products we manufacture and develop. It is only through candid and transparent discussion with our clients and each other that we can create a foundation of trust.
Imagine the pride in achieving this end. Imagine the comfort we would offer to our customers. Imagine the strength of the relationships we would build, internally and externally. This is all within our reach. But we must each make our personal commitment to quality, and it is our individual and collective obligation to determine what it means to our daily behaviors to live and breathe this quality commitment.

It is only in this way that we as a company can create an industry-leading corporate culture and deliver on our promise to provide our clients with the highest value development and manufacturing services to advance commercialization of their cellular therapies.
It is in this spirit that I therefore publicly commit to support:

  • The focus on our role in the care of patients
  • Quality and integrity over profits
  • A corporate culture of willingness to provide, and openness to truly hear, feedback and suggestions from each other, regulatory agencies and our clients
  • Continuing investment in ever-improving quality systems and their operations
  • Consistent and reliable phase-appropriate delivery, including commercial grade global quality operations and infrastructure for our commercial clients
  • Full, unedited and timely transparency with our clients when it comes to meeting our commitments to support their clinical product development or commercial product delivery
  • The highest integrity in our marketing literature and public-facing publications
  • Participation in the development of next generation platforms and services to address manufacturing challenges in the industry
  • Harmonization of our business and quality systems across our global network of operations
  • Providing safe, healthy, and respectful workplaces for our employees and visitors
  • The development of and investment in our employees, and
  • The never ending, corporate-wide commitment to continuous improvement in our efforts to be the Employer, Partner and Provider of Choice in the regenerative medicine industry.

I ask you all to commit to this as we do our part to change the paradigm of how medicine is delivered to patients worldwide, and I challenge you to be intentional about how you will accomplish this through your daily activities.



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Robert Preti, PhD 

General Manager, Regenerative Medicine Business Sector, Hitachi Chemical

President and CEO, Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions

Robert A. Preti, PhD, General Manager, Strategy Office, Hitachi Chemical Life Sciences

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