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PCT Team | April 30, 2020

Career Paths: Development Stories at HCATS

Brittany Schulter, Manager, Operational Excellence

brittany picture 2We pride ourselves on our exceptional team of cell therapy development and manufacturing experts. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing you to many of our team members who we think you should get to know.

How did you first come to HCATS and why?

One year after graduating from college, I met someone through a friend that was working at PCT; she said she thought I’d make a great operator. I started with the company in December 2014 as an operator at the Mountain View site. I didn’t know anything about biotech or the cell therapy industry. It was a huge opportunity to get my foot in the door. 

After about a year, I became the lead for a major client project. I liked to work on driving out waste from the process by finding ways to make the manufacturing process more effective and efficient. 

How did you transition to management and what challenges did you face in that transition?

Ever since I started, I’d wanted to move to some type of management role. It was reinforced by someone telling me they thought I should apply because it fit my personality and capabilities; that gave me the motivational push to go for it. 

After two and a half years, I was promoted to Associate Manager of Operations. It was a huge opportunity with a lot of learning lessons on the way as to what it meant to lead the team. 

How did you transition to your next role and how was it different from the previous?

My goal has always been improving how we work, making our work more enjoyable, and advancing to employer-of-choice for our team. Through my manager position, I was able to continue working on improving processes, improving how we worked, and thinking differently. As a tool to achieve this, we started to work with business process management. It really caught on in Mountain View with people enjoying it and benefiting from it. I really enjoyed what we were doing for the year and a half we focused on this effort.

The effort got the attention of the senior leadership team, which led to the creation of a whole department for business process management and the opportunity for me to take the brand-new role of Business Process Leader, a transition that my supervisor supported. 

How did the role evolve?

I’ve been in this role now for more than a year. Since it is so new, the role has been continuously evolving, including the evolution into something even bigger, which is Operational Excellence. This offers a wider tool set and wider methodology to build capabilities within the business and our employees. To better align with the business needs, my title changed to Manager, Operational Excellence. 

What encourages you to continue your development at HCATS?

The constant opportunity we have to improve the business encourages me to stay at HCATS. As we grew over the last twenty years, we didn’t always have the resources to invest back into the business, and now we have the opportunity to address that. 

There is still so much I can learn from those working within the organization; my role is unique in that I get to work with everyone from all departments. I believe this structure really fits my personality and the interdisciplinary style I’m interested in working in. I don’t need such a detailed view of each group to be able to point to some areas of improvement as long as the right people are part of the discussion. 

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