Meet Our Team Behind the Cells: Manilyn Joy Tupas

PCT Team | March 24, 2020

Career Paths: Development Stories at HCATS

Manilyn Joy Tupas, Associate Compliance Investigator

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We pride ourselves on our exceptional team of cell therapy development and manufacturing experts. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing you to many of our team members who we think you should get to know.

How did your first come to HCATS and why?

While studying biochemical engineering in college, I learned how to use and set up bioreactors, which was gearing me towards large pharmaceutical companies. After returning to California after an internship in New York, I connected with a recruiter and applied to HCATS. What struck me as really interesting was how the hiring manager was talking about topics very similar to my senior design project in college, which was to develop a cell therapy plant.

What was your first role and how did you develop in that role?

I started as a Manufacturing Associate in November 2016. I did a lot of lab work, which I had never done before. A lot of the opportunity came just because I asked my colleagues if they needed help and got involved in a lot of other projects in my free time. After working at HCATS for three months, a colleague approached me asking, “Would you like to work on the deviation reports (DRs)?” My colleague helped me learn to write them, and as I learned, I thought it was really interesting. It was like being a scientific detective. As I continued to offer my help, I kept getting more DRs to work on.

How did you transition to your current role?

Our Director of Manufacturing Operations at Mountain View had one on one development discussions with me, where we discussed what I wanted to do in my career. I decided I wanted to pursue the Compliance Investigator role. Since it was so early in my career, I wanted to try something new and take the path that would help me develop.

I got the compliance job in September 2017.

How did you develop within your current role?

My colleague, Tran Pham, and I started in the role at the same time. Our Quality manager provided great coaching to us. A lot of our development stemmed from Tran and I asked questions about how we could improve things. From 2017-2018, we worked together a lot on improving and better organizing the DR process flow at Mountain View. That included creating measurement tools and organizing where we stored items. Now it’s really easy for us to manage what we’re doing, and others have a clear understanding of the flow of DR’s.

It’s great to see the improvement we’ve made in the time it takes to close deviations over this period. We’ve been able to improve this a great deal and have gotten much better at looking at root cause.

What keeps you working here?

At HCATS, I feel I can do something to help my coworkers and help the company. There’s a lot of opportunity to show I can work hard and help others. I like the vision of the company, which is to make these therapies accessible to patients worldwide. Lastly, I see that everyone I work with is very nice, proactive, and collaborative. Being around people like that, and around challenges, is where I thrive. That’s why I like to come to work.

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