Using Innovative Product Design for Cryopreservation-Reliant Product

A Case Study in Cell Therapy Logistics

Case Study 2017 Innovative Product Design

This Client came to Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions for assistance with maintaining the optimal temperatures for a cell therapy product that relied on cryopreservation to remain in prime condition for patient dosing. The container needed to maintain temperatures between 1 and 10 degrees Celsius while also preventing leaks and other faults.

Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions responded with an innovative container design for holding the syringes with the Client’s cell therapy product—maximizing the viability of the cryopreserved product for both ground and air transportation.

See how Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions innovated the Client’s cell therapy delivery method to increase product viability and maximize the infusion of therapy cells to patients by downloading the case study now!

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