PCT Services Help Improve Cost of Goods with Contract Manufacturing

Geographic Coverage Supports Distribution for Short Shelf-Life Product

Reduction in Cost of Goods and Geographic Coverage

An East Coast-based Client approached Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions for assistance with increasing the market reach for a cell therapy product with a short shelf life. The Client’s West-Coast manufacturing centers could not reliably deliver the product to facilities on the East Coast within its limited viability period, driving up costs and limiting market access.

The Client approached Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions to perform contract manufacturing of their cell therapy products. After outsourcing East Coast production to Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions, the Client realized a reduction in manufacturing cost of goods that saved them millions of dollars while simultaneously increasing the reach of their cell therapy products. Over eight years,Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions manufactured more than 1,200 cell therapy products for the client while:

  • Providing for patient-specific treatments according to Client specifications and manufacturing instructions;
  • Adding flexibility to accommodate patient processing and shipping logistics;
  • Creating extra manufacturing capacity to allow Client to continue treating patients in an ever-changing regulatory environment; and
  • Providing manufacturing and quality control testing data to help gain commercial approval.

Learn more about how PCT services helped this Client save time and money while increasing their geographical reach by downloading the case study now.

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Download Case Study: