Strategic Planning for Success

The Road to Manufacturing Commercially Viable Cell Therapies

Strategic Planning for Success

Plan ahead for the future of your product.

Cell therapy offers the chance to create a world where cancers, immune diseases, and other chronic illnesses are no longer treated with traditional pharmaceuticals that only manage symptoms, but one where underlying causes are eliminated using specially-modified cells to restore the body.

Patient-specific cell therapies (PSCTs) have made significant strides towards this goal in recent years, yet many challenges remain. One of the biggest challenges lies in commercializing these therapies. Commercialization is the key to maximizing the adoption of PSCTs and encouraging new breakthroughs—which is why PCT is releasing a guide to manufacturing commercially-viable cell therapies. 

What’s in Chapter 2: Strategic Planning for Success?

  • Planning tips for both current clinical phases and future phases;
  • Advice for using strategic assessments; and
  • Creating commercial manufacturing plans using Development-by-Design (DbD) principles.

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Working through the four facets of DbD at an early stage can provide significant cost and time advantages as a cell therapy developer moves further along the clinical development process.

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